Court reporting

At SLR Reporting we have the best, most experienced, professional and accomplished group of court reporters, working with you to provide same-day, next-day, expedited, regular delivery, rough drafts, and real-time services.

Transcription Services

We have an exceptional staff of transcriptionists who can transcribe any type of media or format accurately and quickly at extremely reasonable rates.


When you need a legal videographer in addition to a court reporter, we not only have the best rates in the metropolitan area, but we supply the synchronization of the transcript and the video. You also have the option to leave the deposition with video in hand.


We are experienced in technical and medical testimony, domestic relations, aviation litigation, product liability and environmental law.


We report every type of proceeding including depositions, arbitrations, meetings, conferences, trials and CART/Captioning. Wherever you need us, we are linked in to get you reporters and take care of all the arrangements. Even last minute, we will get you covered.


Day or night, always feel free to contact us and we will be there to assist you or provide tech support.